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Players can request white-list access through the registration link on the left.
The banner below displays the server’s status. If the server is listed as online, but you cannot get in, please visit http://help.mojang.com to see the status of their services. Te report issues with our server, please click here.
For questions, please contact the Teen Room at 314-821-5770 ext. 1020.

Your Server Sheriffs

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TSNix Zenobia158


A new world is coming soon. Check back for more information.

MLC Main World

The Home World of the KPL Minecraft Server acts as the primary world for players. This world is the main creative center for all players, who can build anything they desire, anywhere they desire. The Portal Hub, located in the main village square, links this world to all the others allowing players to travel freely.


The Nether, as in vanilla Minecraft, is a dark underworld like realm with strange blocks, entities and environment. There is no difference between the Nether of the KPL Server and the standard Nether, except one – Nether Portals are disabled and may not be created by users. Access to the Nether is only available from the Portal hub, located in the main village square of the spawn world.

The End

The End is a dark, empty plane consisting of floating islands surrounded by the Void. The End is accessible through End Portals, but is more easily accessible through the Portal Hub in the main village square of the spawn world. The Ender Dragon is now able to be spawned on the KPL Minecraft Server!

Fallout Kirkwood

Kirkwood Fallout is themed after the popular Fallout game franchise. This world is a future post-apocalyptic rendition of the city of Kirkwood and it’s outlying areas. Radiation plagues this world as well as Super Mutants and other Fallout mobs. The world is perpetually twilight. A custom theme is used on this world, which can be downloaded here (learn how to install a Resource Pack). It is recommended for use to enhance gameplay.


Look below for the available commands for each plugin used on our server and which worlds they affect. This list will be updated with the upcoming addition of a new world!

ArmorHUD creates a heads-up-display that displays a players armor strength. The HUD only appears when armor is effected.

ArmorHUD is in effect on all worlds.

ArmorWeight adds weight to armor for players. The less strength armor offers the faster the player moves, while heavier armor makes a player move more slowly. Certain enchantments can reduce or increase armors weight.

ArmorWeight is only in effect on Fallout Kirkwood.

BarbedWire allows players to craft barbed wire that looks like cobwebs.

BarbedWire is only available on Fallout Kirkwood.



Located throughout the server are X.T.M. (eXperience Teller Machines) at which you can buy and sell experience for money. Experience can be purchased for 100 dollars a level and can be sold for 90 dollars a level. Some machines allow for purchasing and selling 1 level at a time, others allow for multiple levels at once.

X.T.M machines are only on the Main MLC World and Fallout Kirkwood world.

Chat Control simply censors indecent language from our server in order to make a welcoming gaming experience for all players. If a player chats with a word on the “blacklist” the entire sentence is censored.

ChatControl is in effect on all worlds

ChestRestock allows for the server to set up chests that restock themselves periodically.  This can be used to create chests that all players can loot for a given number of times or even to loot multiple times within a set time frame.

ChestShop allows for the server and players to set up chest shops at which they can sell buy and sell materials between different players. Admin chest shops have unlimited stock. Player chest shops must be stocked by the players in order to keep them operational.

Chest Shops can be created in the Main MLC World and the Fallout Kirkwood world.


Right click sign to buy (will be marked with a “B”, for example B 100)

Left click sign to sell (will be marked with a “S”, for example 100 S)

Create a Player Shop by placing a chest on the ground and place a sign at least 1 block away or on the chest. On the sign write:

  • First line – leave blank (it will fill in with your name)
  • Second line – amount of items to buy or sell
  • Third Line – Set buy/sell prices in this manner B amount:amount S
  • Fourth line – item name


A person can buy 64 diamonds for 10 dollars and sell them back for 5 dollars from AcrobotPL
Players have to stock their chests in order to have inventory to sell.

EasyPrefix grants players a prefix in front of their names in chat. This shows who are the administrators and from what libraries the players originate.

Factions is a plugin that allows players to band together in an organised group for the purposes of creating claiming land creating alliances and battling enemies.

Factions is only used on the Fallout Kirkwood world.


List all Factions/f l,list
Show your Faction info: /f f,faction
Show your player info: /f p,player
Create new Faction/f create <name>
Set Faction name/f name <new name>
Set Faction description: /f desc <description>
Set Faction home/f sethome
Unset Faction home/f unsethome
TP to Faction home/f home
Join a Faction: /f join <faction>
Leave your Faction/f leave
Invite players to your Faction/f inv,invite <player> [yes/no=toggle]
Kick a player from your Factions/f kick <player>
Set player title/f title <player> <title>
Promote a member: /f promote <player>
Demote a member/f demote <player>
Make player an officer/f officer <player>
Set a Faction leader: /f leader <player>
Manage Faction money/f money
Show Faction balance: /f money b,balance
Deposit to Faction account: /f money d,deposit <amount>
Withdraw from Faction account/f money w,withdraw <amount>
Transfer finds to another Faction: /f money ff <amount> <faction> <faction>
Transfer Faction finds to a player/f money fp <amount> <faction> <player>
Transfer funds from a player to the Faction: /f money pf <amount> <player> <faction>
Claim Faction territory: /f claim
Unclaim Faction territory: /f unclaim
Manage Faction access: /f access
View Faction access: /f access v,view
Grant player access: /f access p,player <player> [yes/no=toggle]
Grant Faction access: /f access f,faction <faction> [yes/no=toggle]
Set relation wish to another Faction/f ally <faction>
Set relation wish to another Faction: /f truce <faction>
Set relation wish to another Faction/f neutral <faction>
Set relation wish to another Faction: /f enemy <faction> 
Change Faction permissions: /f perm set [perm=all] [relation=read] [yes/no=read]
Disband Faction: /f disband [faction=you]

This plugin allows for the server to included holographic text and images. This is mainly used as a means to create floating instructional and informational signs for players which typically gives important information to players. Players cannot create their own holographic displays.

iConomy is the monetary system for our server allowing all players to have a bank account and money to spend / save. Money can be used for ChestShops, to buy experience (see BuyXP tab), and for various others things on the server.

iConomy is used on all worlds.


Check money balance/money
Give money to other players/money pay [name] [amount]

InstaEat allows players to gain health from eating specific foods.

InstaEat is only available on Fallout Kirkwood.

Irradiated creates radiation on a given world. Certain blocks emit more radiation that others, and Golden Apples can be used to reduce the effects of received radiation.

Irradiated is in effect on Fallout Kirkwood.

mcMMO adds a role-playing affect to the server giving players abilities that can “level up” with use. Each of which offers some small perk the higher the level attained. Players can also create “parties” or groups of players that can be easily followed and engaged in chat without others non-party players seeing.

mcMMO is in effect on the MLC Main World and Fallout Kirkwood.


See your mcMMO stats/mcstats
Create party: /party create <party-name> <password>
Join a players party: /party join <player> <password>
Invite a player to your party: /party invite <player>
Accept a party invite: /party accept <player>
Set a password for an owned party/party password <password>
Kick a player from your party/party kick <player-name>
More info about parties/party ?
Check party information/party
TP to party members: /ptp [name] (not available in Fallout Kirkwood)
Chat w/ party members/partychat [message]
See the status of an attribute/<attribute name>
Keep the scoreboard (can only use when the scoreboard pops up)/mcscoreboard keep

MoreBows allows players to craft enchanted bows with special attributes and even a quiver to hold more arrows. Visit the MoreBows page for information on creating these objects.

MoreBows is in effect on the MLC Main World and Fallout Kirkwood.  Bows can be crafted in MLC Main but only found in Fallout Kirkwood.

MultiHome allows players to create multiple “home” locations to which they can teleport to and from. The first home created is free and all others cost to create and teleport to.

All the below commands are in effect on the MLC Main World. Only “Default Home” commands are available on Fallout Kirkwood.


Set your default home location/sethome
Set a named home location (Cost = $100)/sethome <name>
Go to your default home location:  /home
Go to a named home location (Cost = $20)/home <name>
List home locations for yourself/listhomes
Delete named home location/deletehome <name>
Invite another user to your default home location/invitehome <user>
Invite another user to your named home location: /invitehome <user> <home>

Multiverse-Core and Inventories allows this server to have more than one world. All worlds are linked to the MLC Main World. Players can access all worlds by utilizing the Portal Hub – which is located at the village square, near the market, at the spawn village on the main world. Each respective world offers a single portal at the spawn point to return to the MLC World.

Inventories dictate whether players share inventories and experience between world. MLC Main, the Nether and the End all share inventories and experience. Fallout Kirkwood has it’s own inventory and experience. This means that no items can be taken from Fallout Kirkwood to the other worlds and vice versa.

NoPortals simply stops the players ability to create Nether portals. The Nether is accessible from the Portal Hub – which is located at the village square, near the market, at the spawn village on the main world

OnTime simply allows administrators to track how much the server is used for statistical purposes.

PermissionsBukkit is utilized in order to grant of deny specific permissions to players in any given world. This is what makes some plugins work on one world and not on another or allows players to issue certain commands.

WorldEdit on this server can only be used in conjunction with WorldGuard for the purposed of selecting an area of land to claim.

WorldEdit is only available on the MLC Main World and Fallout Kirkwood.


Gives you the “edit wand” (by default, a wood axe)//wand
Select position 1Left click with wand
Select position 2Right click with wand
Deselect the current selection//desel
Expands selection in the direction you are looking//expand <amount>
Expands the selection to include sky to bedrock//expand vert
Get the size of selected region//size

WorldGuard allows players to claim some land for themselves and set certain permissions on said claim. Use the wand (see WorldEdit tab) to select an area to claim. Players are limited in the amount of land that can be claimed to 30,000 blocks.

WorldGuard is available on the MLC Main World.


Claim selected region/region claim
Get information about claimed region/region info
Add region member/region addmember
Remove region member/region removemember
List owned regions/region list
Set region flags/region flag
Teleport to region/region teleport
Remove region/region remove

Server Map

Under development!