On behalf of the Kirkwood Public Library, I want to thank each of you for all your support this past year. As you will see, this past year proved to be a productive and fun year for your Library. We love seeing you at the Library and around town and look forward to spending many more years together!

Sarah Erwin

Library Director


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Wow, these are great! How much do they cost? Free to check out?! You know, it’s hot outside and these would be perfect for staying in with friends to do something new. It would be good for us to learn something!


Rose Hill House, July, 2017

Thank you so much for this service. It is really difficult to say how hard it is for those of us who cannot get out on our own anymore…just thank you for visiting.


St. Agnes Home, February, 2018

Thank you for doing programs on avoiding scams and identity theft. We are targets of a lot of these scams. Even though people come in to warn us about it, there is always something new that can trick people.


Kirkwood House, January, 2018

I just had to come back downstairs and thank you again for doing this. It must be a lot of work, but I want you to know how much I – we – appreciate it.


Concordia House, June, 2018

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Were given in support of the Library’s mission.

Thanks also for keeping the book club going!  I think it’s good for kids to see adults reading, and even better for kids to read.

Best Children’s library! I bring my grandkids there as a special treat because we don’t even live in your area.

Our Kirkwood library is one of the jewels of Kirkwood. It is a clean and welcoming place to visit.

The library is one of my favorite places; it’s cozy, the employees are friends and the book selection is wonderful and of many varieties.

One of the jewels of Kirkwood is having an outstanding library. My granddaughter loves coming to the library. I am so grateful!

I feel so lucky to have the Kirkwood Public Library! The staff are wonderful, the facility is so warm and inviting, and the online services (the online library catalog, Library Elf, Hoopla, etc) make it so easy to find any book we want and help ensure we do not have overdue books. The Kirkwood Public Library has truly helped foster a love of reading in my children and has motivated me to remain an avid reader. Thank you!

I have been using this library for a longtime and the library staff have become like friends especially the kids and teens department.

People always ask me how I know so much about what’s going on, and I tell them it’s because I go to the library! You can learn all kinds of things from the library!

I’ve been going to Kirkwood Library for 60 years! Love it!

I live at Bethesda Gardens and the library comes to me. Wonderful service!

Always eager to provide top level information in a friendly enthusiastic manner. Service from Front Desk to Printer Lab is fully functional, running on all 8 cylinders. Top Notch!