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Reading #MeToo

The phrase of this global movement, “Me Too,” was first coined in 2007 by Tarana Burke, an activist and survivor of sexual abuse. She wanted to show how many Black women and girls had been impacted by sexual violence and channel this solidarity into a movement to end...

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Presidents Day 2018

Welcome you presidential patrons! With Presidents Day around the February 19th corner, what a wonderful time to take a very quick look at some of our former quirky commanders in chief.  Joining me on the panel can be all of you! Just comment below with...

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Top 10 Films of 2017

My favorite films tend to be strange, bleak, jarring, bizarre, and challenging. Not all of these selections will be for everyone, but I can say that they're all available in our catalog (except for #3, which is available through Netflix). Don't...

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5 Books that Defy Body Shame

It’s the most confusing time of the year! It’s that time of year where, within the span of one month, we are expected to make an effortless one-eighty from freely indulging in holiday treats to new year’s resolutions to shred and shed and drop...

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