So you may be wondering what all the hoopla is about Hoopla (yep, I went there). Hoopla is the new e-content streaming service available through Kirkwood Public Library using your library card. What makes it different from our other digital services? Well, as well as having books and audiobooks, it also has music and movies. And even more importantly, as far as I am concerned: It has comic books that you can stream to your device. Yes, COMIC BOOKS. Batman, Superman, Walking Dead (yes, WALKING DEAD!!!), Saga, Suicide Squad, Constantine, 300 Days of Night, Wonder Woman,  Sandman, American Vampire, Preacher, Priest, Blade of the Immortal,  Aquaman, Before Watchmen, 47 Ronin, Dresden Files, Lucifer, Lone Wolf and Cub, Fables, Alex + Ada, Flash – you get the picture.

But don’t think that Hoopla only has adult comics, because there are also comics for the teens and kiddos: Bone, Lumberjanes, Angry Birds, Garfield, Plants vs. Zombies, Avatar, Peanuts, etc.

So just look around on Hoopla and play around with it. I bet you’ll find something you want to check out!

Nick O'Neal is the Director of Technology & Online Services for the Kirkwood Public Library. He has been with the library since July 2012. He enjoys playing video games, listening to Classic Rock, and watching movies. His favorite authors include Douglas Adams, Michael Crichton and Clive Cussler.