im a girl

I’m A Girl by Yasmeen Ismail is an awesome and empowering picture book that shows young girls they can be whoever they want to be. The story features a playful and adventurous female donkey that is constantly being mistaken for a boy because of her behavior. She’s loud, messy, brave, and love, love, loves to go fast. People can’t seem to believe a girl can do all the things she loves best. She carries on though, always proclaiming “I’m a girl!”  She doesn’t let gender stereotypes define the way she has to act, but rather is just herself, because “there’s no one better.” The end comes together with the little girl playing stuffed animals with a boy, who is told, “dolls are for girls”. She reassures him that they can be good at things they like best, regardless of being a boy or girl, but just for being them. The message Ismail sends in this book makes for a great read, and the bright, colorful watercolor illustrations will draw you right in.