The Apple TV is a device, in the form of a small box, that you connect to your TV. Through this device you can use Netflix, Hulu, and many other video-watching platforms, as well as projecting anything from your iPhone screen onto the TV screen. In order for an Apple TV to work, you need to have accessible HDMI ports on your TV. Any Apple TV comes with a remote made specifically for it, and you can also use any IOS device to control it via AirPlay.

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Many apps, such as Netflix and Hulu, come pre-loaded onto the device, as seen below . To navigate through the apps, you have to use the Apple Remote. This remote functions much the same as an iPad nano. Once you select an app, it will have you sign in to any necessary accounts in order to access the features of the app.

To project images from your iPhone or Apple computer onto the screen you have to utilize AirPlay  on whatever device you wish to have projected. To use AirPlay on an iPhone, you have to pull up the bottom menu (the same menu you would use to change the brightness, or the screen orientation lock) and you will see the “AirPlay” option on the bottom right hand portion of the menu (1.). When selected, AirPlay should prompt you to select the Apple TV option, and then an option to “mirror” the image onto the TV screen (2.). On a Mac, the AirPlay button is located up by the wifi icon on the top control bar. After you are connect via AirPlay, you should be able to control the Apple TV as if it were a huge phone. While watching any sort of video, whether it be Youtube, Netflix, or otherwise, the video will fit itself to the screen properly. If you are projecting something like Facebook or messages onto the screen it will appear more as though the phone screen is just popped onto the middle of the TV screen and it will leave the rest of the screen black (3.).

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The one major downfall with the Apple TV is that you cannot use Airplay for Android phones,Windows phones, or any other kinds of phones outside of iPhones. That being said, you can still use the Apple TV by itself, you may just need an iTunes account, which is free!

Here are some helpful hints for using an Apple TV:

  1. The Movies search box only searches the iTunes Store, not local hard drives and networks
  2. Movies rented on Apple TV must be watched on Apple TV, unlike iTunes rentals, which can be transferred.
  3. Apple TV lets you stream music through your television.
  4. On the older Apple TV, you canhold down the Menu button to get back to the home screen, and on the new remote you click the Home button to get there.
  5. Any photos that you’ve taken on your iPhone or iPad can be immediately available to view on your Apple TV by enabling My Photo Stream on both your iOS device and your Apple TV.
  6. You can use your own photos as a screen saver.


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