Robot Roll Call!

Mystery Science Theater 3000 returns in less than a month and I could not be more excited. This wonderful program was a quintessential part of growing up in the 90ies and on April 14th its long absence will end. With the countdown started I thought this a perfect opportunity relive some classic episodes and your Kirkwood Public Library and Hoopla have you covered! Here are 5 “Musts” for any MSTie.

Manos: The Hands of Fate- Easily the worst film the SOL crew have ever riffed and yet one that I can watch over and over and over again. Plus, Torgo remains one of the most bizarre villain in any medium.

Mitchell- A Joe Don Baker and Linda Evans classic film! But wait there’s more! A brief cameo by X-Files “Deep Throat” Jerry Hardin! But wait, there’s more! Joel’s final episode!

The Final Sacrifice- Before Wolverine (…well in film) Rowsdower was our no-nonsense warrior of choice from Canada. Join him and his sidekick as they battle an evil cult to save the world. Rowsdower!

Overdrawn at the Memory Bank- Want to see the late great Raul Julia star in a  bad PBS made sci-fi parody of Casablanca? Then Overdrawn is for you.

Birdemic – Ok to be fair I’m cheating. This one is Rifftrax and not MST3k proper but it is still wonderful and terrible. A must watch!

These five titles and many more can be checked out here at Kirkwood Public Library or downloaded through Hoopla. So drop on by and tell me your favorite terrible movie or comment below. I’ll be in the library.

Push the button, Frank!

Ryan Drinkard is a Library Associate for the Kirkwood Public Library. For the better part of the past two decades he has managed many major and minor book stores in the St Louis County area. He enjoys playing video games, comics, dissecting movies, and reading. His favorite authors include Neil Gaiman, Douglas Adams, and Agatha Christie.