Reading Buddies is a long running program offered each summer for the last 13 years that pairs a Big buddy grades 7-12 with a little buddy grades 1-4 for paired reading time, and mentorship over the summer. Each year we see Big Buddies come back time and again to participate, and see little buddies follow the program from 1st through 4th grade. We sat down with three sets of Buddies, Cece and Katie, Mackenzie and Julie, and Zachary and Graham to hear their thoughts on the program.

How long have you been a reading buddy volunteer?

Cece – This is my fourth year volunteering.

MacKenzie- This is my first year.

Zachary – This is my first year, but I have looked into it in past years


Why did you decide to volunteer as a big buddy?

Cece- I volunteered because I thought I might want to go into something involving children and this would be the best way to familiarize myself with them.

Mackenzie- I like being with kids and wanted to help them learn to read and understand what they are reading.

Zachary- Growing up reading was one of my favorite activities and still is. Sharing this amazing thing with little kids who will value it all of their lives is awesome.

How long have you been doing reading buddies (little buddy)?

Katie- I did it in kindergarten, first grade, all the way up through 4th grade!

Julie- This is my first year.

Graham- 4 years, kindergarten through 4th grade.

Why should kids sign up for reading buddies? (little buddy)

Katie- It helps you become and better reader and its fun!

Julie- Because it helps people read.

Graham- When you’re older you already know how to read and you read to your kids and teach them to carry on the tradition.

What are 3 words to describe your big buddy?

Julie- She is awesome and fun!

Graham- funny, nice and cool.

What are 3 words that describe your little buddy?

Mackenzie- very nice, fun to be around, and very kind hearted

Zachary- Passionate and energetic.

What has been your favorite game so far to play in reading buddies?

Katie- Ultimate human Cece- Dog Day, which is coming up next week!

Mackenzie and Julie- We both love Ultimate Human.

Graham- Ultimate Human/Ultimate rock paper scissors

Zachary- Captain’s Calling