Are you interested in talking with your children about protests, but not sure how to start? Children’s books can help guide your conversation. Children’s books help you and your child look together at all sides of an issue and draw parallels between the past and today. Best of all, Children’s books help children learn compassion and empathy for others.

It can be hard and even scary to talk with your children about the news, but as Robin Gurwitch, PhD with the American Psychological Association writes:

“Children’s lives are touched by trauma on a regular basis, no matter how much parents or teachers try to keep the “bad things” away. Instead of shielding children from the dangers, violence or tragedies around us, adults should talk to kids about what is happening.

The conversation may not seem easy, but taking a proactive stance, discussing difficult events in age-appropriate language can help a child feel safer and more secure.

As much as adults may try to avoid difficult topics, children often learn or know when  something sad or scary happens. If adults don’t talk to them about it, a child may overestimate what is wrong or misunderstand adults’ silence.  So, be the first to bring up the difficult topic. When parents tackle difficult conversations, they let their children know that they are available and supportive.”

Here’s a list to explore. Please share your recommendations, and if you need any help, please don’t hesitate to ask a librarian. We’re here to help.


Lists are chosen by KPL staff members and are not intended to be comprehensive.  If you have any suggestions to add to this list, please leave a comment below.