Welcome you presidential patrons! With Presidents Day around the February 19th corner, what a wonderful time to take a very quick look at some of our former quirky commanders in chief.  Joining me on the panel can be all of you! Just comment below with facts, thoughts, and anything trivia you would care to share. We love to hear from you.

Did you know the first US citizen to become president was Martin Van Buren? The seven presidents that came before were all considered British subjects. Additionally, Martin inspired a fake gang on the television show Seinfeld and his massive autobiography failed to have a single line about his late wife. Poor Hannah Hoes Van Buren…

Let us jump another seven presidents and drop in on the 16th. I am willing to bet you knew Abraham Lincoln was a lawyer but did you know he was also a wrestling champion and a bartender? It is sadly unlikely Abe was a vampire hunter but hope springs eternal. Looking to learn more about this fascinating figure? Visit your Kirkwood Public Library on Saturday February the 17th at 2pm for “Young Lincoln” author talk and book signing.

“Young Lincoln” Author Talk and Book Signing by Jan Jacobi

Warren G. Harding was an avid poker player. Often hosting weekly games at the White House. Warren once bet and then lost a set of priceless White House China.

After further research, we have discovered Dave was not a president but actually a critically acclaimed comedy from the 90ies.

Well I’m afraid we ran out of time and only mentioned a mere fraction of the strange and weird from our presidents. I’ll leave you now with a few funny words from the late Douglas Adams. “Anyone who is capable of getting themselves made President should on no account be allowed to do the job.” We miss you Doug.

I’m Ryan. I’ll be in the library. Always enjoy your Presidents Day.


Ryan Drinkard is a Library Associate for the Kirkwood Public Library. For the better part of the past two decades he has managed many major and minor book stores in the St Louis County area. He enjoys playing video games, comics, dissecting movies, and reading. His favorite authors include Neil Gaiman, Douglas Adams, and Agatha Christie.