Tarana Burke, founder of the Me Too Movement

The phrase of this global movement, “Me Too,” was first coined in 2007 by Tarana Burke, an activist and survivor of sexual abuse. She wanted to show how many Black women and girls had been impacted by sexual violence and channel this solidarity into a movement to end all forms of sexual violence. In 2017, the phrase was used as a hashtag by actresses in Hollywood calling out sexual harassment and abuse in their industry. Rape, abuse, and harassment can occur in any industry, and certain populations can be more vulnerable to sexual assault and injustice. If you are interested in learning more about systemic and historical contexts of sexual violence, hearing directly from survivors and activists, exploring what consent means, or reading a novel that grapples with rape, this list is for you. Note that these texts contain varying degrees of graphic descriptions of rape, child sexual abuse, sexual assault, and harassment. 


Non Fiction