Are you logging those reading minutes? There’s still plenty of time to earn your prizes and get more chance tickets! And even if you’ve already hit 100 hours (congratulations!), you can still complete our remaining challenges, each one worth an additional chance ticket. For our first challenge, we asked our summer readers which book they were most excited to read over the coming school-free months, and we received over 500 responses! Presented here are the top ten answers.

In addition to these titles, we had plenty of other responses. Click through our gallery to check some of them out!

Matt Holder is a seasonal Library Associate in the Youth Services department. When he's not working here he's at work on his PhD in English at Saint Louis University. He enjoys all things science fiction and horror, and he'd be happy to talk with anyone that will listen about comic books and film. His favorite authors include Ray Bradbury, Ursula K. Le Guin, Cormac McCarthy, and Victor LaValle.