The Kirkwood community has been very lucky over the years to have the two beautiful and stately copper beech trees located on Kirkwood Public Library grounds.  They have provided shade, homes for birds, and lovely memories for many Kirkwood residents.  Sadly, the southern tree has been slowly declining for many years.  During the renovation of the Library in 2009, contractors recommended removing the dying tree.  After consulting a tree specialist, a plan was developed to keep the southern tree, as it was providing needed shade for the healthier tree.  The southern tree has been trimmed  slowly over the past decade to allow the bark on the healthy tree to adjust to the brighter sunlight.  We have now reached the point where the southern tree must be removed for the health of the remaining tree and safety of our grounds.  On Sunday, August 25th (weather permitting) the tree will be taken down.  Following the clearing of the tree and an assessment of the roots, staff and trustees will be investigating a replacement tree.  Library staff is committed to keeping the remaining copper beech tree healthy for many years to come.

Nick O'Neal is the Director of Technology & Online Services for the Kirkwood Public Library. He has been with the library since July 2012. He enjoys playing video games, listening to Classic Rock, and watching movies. His favorite authors include Douglas Adams, Michael Crichton and Clive Cussler.