My name is Lynne and I am new to Kirkwood Public Library.  My role is Coordinator of Homebound and Outreach Services. I started during the pandemic, which is a memorable — albeit unusual — time to start a job. Like everyone else I have had some extra time on my hands to think and reflect. I have learned some things about myself and I have also learned some things about the Kirkwood Public Library. Just for fun, I thought I would share some of the more interesting ones.  First the personal revelations:

  1. Last May/June, our family had a college graduation, a high school graduation and we moved across the state from Kansas City within 4 weeks. In general, I would advise others against this.
  2. Most people tie their shoes in a manner that causes them to be untied easily.  I am trying to retrain myself to tie shoes differently.
  3. My oldest daughter has taught me that all creatures are loveable and can make for fun pets – even hissing cockroaches and rats.
  4. I have learned that leadership can come through the simplicity of a lollipop.
  5. I have learned that I love connecting with others around a story – could be a book or could be their own story or someone else’s story. There’s nothing better!

Here are the revelations about Kirkwood Public Library:

  1. There are crazy (in a good way) dedicated people here who have gone out of their way to serve the community in outside-of-the-box ways when there isn’t access to the physical building. From virtual story times, to dial-a-story, to providing home access to Creativebug and
  2. Among the library’s amazing programs, one of the coolest services is for Kirkwood residents who may be unable to come to 140 East Jefferson Avenue- the Homebound Services Program.
  3. Homebound services extend far beyond delivering best selling books, audiobooks, music CD’s and DVD movies and television shows. Card Games, Coloring, Building Mental Fitness and Chair Yoga and Tai Chi are examples of some of the kits that can be delivered.
  4. Homebound services bring books clubs to a number of the residential centers in the Kirkwood area. 
  5. The mission of Kirkwood Public Library is to inspire a lifelong commitment to learning and creativity, for a more informed and connected community. This mission goes far beyond the physical building, to impact all Kirkwood residents and I am  so excited to be a part of it all.


Are you someone or do you know someone who might benefit from receiving homebound services?  Sign up by calling (314) 821 5770.  We will not be able to deliver materials until after the library opens, but we look forward to meeting you then!

Lynne Haynes is the Coordinator of Homebound and Outreach Services.  She has been with the library since April, 2020. She enjoys playing board games, hiking and discovering beauty in people, places and things. Some of her favorite authors are Trenton Lee Stewart, Ruta Sepetys, Alexander McCall Smith and C.S. Lewis.