Today’s craft for Mental Health Awareness Month is one of my favorites so far. We’ll be making motivational collages that will help us remember what we want to focus on for ourselves and others, in what ways we want to grow, and what brings us happiness and comfort. Typically, we write down these kinds of things in a journal, but you can channel your creativity and think deeper on what you want by taking the time to put together a collage. For someone like me, I remember and learn best through pictures so making my collage helped me figure my goals out. Pictures also help my goals seem more tangible and attainable. Collages are also a great way to relax and very simple to make! The best part is that you can keep them as you make more and look back on how you have grown and evolved or how your values changed.

For my supplies, I found some old magazines, patterned paper, scissors, and tape (you can use a stapler or glue too). You don’t have to stick to just using magazines and can gather old newspapers, postcards, books, or print out pictures.

For the background of my collage, I just taped some patterned paper on some printer paper so that it’d be a little thicker and more durable. I flipped through the magazines I had and cut out the pictures that I liked. I didn’t necessarily think of things that pertained to my goals. Just focus on gathering pictures and words that you enjoy then you can think about the more complex steps later.

Before finalizing my collage, I laid out the pictures and thought about what I wanted it represent. Some themes that I picked out were happiness, journeys and self-discovery, taking risks and being brave, beauty and self-care. As an extra step, you can write down on a piece of paper what your collage means to you and keep it handy for when you reflect on what you’ve created!

Here’s my finished collage! You can always make more–I know I am. What does your collage look like? What goals did you focus on?

I hope everyone has had a great Mental Health Awareness Month so far and putting time aside to give yourself some self-care and love. I hope these crafts have helped foster some of that, even just a little bit!

Mariah Pugliese is a Reference Librarian at the Kirkwood Public Library. When not at the library, she enjoys reading and writing sci-fi/fantasy and taking care of her 25+ houseplants who are all named after fictional characters in literature.