This post originally appeared on the Kirkwood Public Library’s Facebook Page on June 3, 2020

The Kirkwood Public Library is excited to share a daily activity for you and your family to try out at home! Learn how to make your very own flower crown by reading on!

Kirkwood Library’s Kids’ Activity of the Day: Flower Crowns

Gather small leaves & flowers.  Cut 2 strips of construction paper 3×11 inches.  Tape together at 3 inch end to make one long strip 3×22 inches.  Place double sided tape on construction paper.  If you don’t have double sided tape use regular tape tearing off 2 inch pieces and bend it on itself with sticky side out and place on construction paper.  Place flowers and leaves on tape.  Fit crown around head and tape open ends together.

Kathy Miller is a Youth Services Librarian for the Kirkwood Public Library. She has been with the Library since 2009.  She enjoys reading, cooking and doing arts and crafts with kids.