Your local librarians have been working hard to continue bringing you the best services and stay connected despite these difficult circumstances. As a way to get to know us more and share a little bit about ourselves, we’ve complied a post of our fuzzy friends and the hijinks they get into! This blog post was also inspired by librarian Julie who created a wonderful video of our pets and plants in spring. Check it out here!

“We have two cats, Rocky and Mobius. Rocky is the black and white cat with a little mustache. He is cuddly and extremely affectionate. He was a stray that was roaming around our house as a little kitten. You might be able to see in the picture that his left ear is clipped. This is because before we got him, he must have gone through a trap, neuter, release program. He’s gotten out a couple of times and has climbed onto the roof and high into trees, but then cries when he gets up there. Mobius is the white floof who just has everything on his terms. He doesn’t care if you are in the middle of a book or watching something on a computer, he will lay right on your hands.” – Alex

“This is Merlin. He’s about 30 pounds of snoozy, cuddly goodness. Our mystery beast is probably some kind of magical blend of pit bull and Jack Russell terrier. We call him a “long ‘n’ low” because of his stubby little legs. He enjoys carrots, sleeping in the sunshine, and barking. He dislikes fireworks and squirrels. He’s a bed hog, a blanket thief, and an absolutely wonderful companion.” – Heather

“Despite looking very similar, and being almost exactly the same age, Jack and Rose are not siblings (we got them at two different rescues 6 months apart). We think that Jack (left) is a Maine Coon mix because he’s an absolute giant. He’s also my snuggle buddy, and one of his favorite things is to stretch out on top of me when I’m watching TV. His other favorite thing is trying to eat my houseplants, but that also means he’ll eat spinach as a treat! Rosie (right) doesn’t get on laps quite as much, but she does like to curl up close to her people at all times. She’s also the little hunter. She loves to watch the birds and squirrels and “chatter” at them, and will bring us her toys at night as an offering.” – Amanda

“This is my dog Pip, short for Penelope Pepperpots. She is a rescue mutt (German shepherd, Flat-Coat, and possibly a Collie), and I just can’t imagine my life without her! She’s super smart and can do about 15 tricks. She loves to run with me and her favorite toy is a ball. She loves catching the ball! She wakes me up every morning, and we snuggle before greeting the day by going outside and catching the ball. One of the special things about her is her very long and very fluffy tail. It is always causing trouble by knocking things over. I swear it has a mind of its own! This is especially true when she gets excited, like when she sees her ball. She’s super friendly and loves people. So if you ever see us walking or running around town say ‘Hello!’” – Julie

“This is Barley. His official title is Barley the Brewdog because he helps his pop brew at home. Here he is reading Goodnight Brew. With his favorite lambchop baby Barley dreams…. Barley follows the rules with his friends and practices social distancing since he cannot don a mask.” – Terri

“These are my dogs Layla and Taylor! They’re super sweet girls who love to do just about everything together. Layla (black and tan Australian shepherd mix) is the oldest by 4 years and acts as the leader of the pack while Taylor (shih tzu) is the goofball little sister. Both of them love getting into trouble and sneaking meals under the dinner table. I couldn’t ask for better dogs. They bring me so much happiness and joy, along with lots of chewed up shoes.” – Kayla

“This is Oreo.  He loves baseball, wearing a mask to protect others, and summer reading!” – Lisa

“This is Ferne and her toy (left). She is the sweetest kitty in the world. Here is Maya (right). I just found out she is sneaking in my neighbor’s house and eating the neighbor cat’s food. That is all you need to know about her personality. I don’t even think she feels bad about it.” – Christa

“Here is a picture of our Norwich Terrier (left), Tipsy. Formally, CH Barnstable’s Tipsy Rose Lee—born on New Year’s Day during the Rose Bowl Parade—hence Tipsy Rose. She is 11, and her whole existence is about figuring out methods to get food and treats out of us. She will sit in her spot near the treat jar and act forlorn, as if she hasn’t eaten for days—Academy Award-worthy! She will run in circles and give kisses when she’s happy, but she can get a little grouchy. That just comes with being a terrier.

This is our granddog, Nylah Belle (right). She is a cocker/Lhasa Apso mix our son and his wife rescued when they lived in Boston. She was their first child but now lives with 2 toddlers and is very watchful of them—a good little mother. She loves hiking with the family and giving her grandma kisses.” — Melinda

“These are my 3 cats: Willy (white), the venerable old guy who is totally deaf—we wave to him to get his attention. And our rescued bonded kittens, Felix, our tuxedo kitten, and Phoebe. Felix is our wild child—see photo of him climbing the screen on our door. Both kittens are soft, snuggly and so entertaining as we stay at home!” – Betsy

“This is my kitty cat, Scratch, aka Princess Poo. She is technically my step-cat, as she came with my husband as a package deal when we met. I’d never actually had a cat before (I’m a dog person), but am so grateful that Scratch is my first cat, as she is the chillest and most affectionate cat ever. Sometimes I think she’s part dog (she actually likes belly rubs!). She enjoys sleeping, watching the birds in the bushes outside, sleeping, eating tuna treats, and sleeping some more. She also demands morning cuddles—when I wake up in the morning, she meows at me until I pick her up and cradle her like a baby, scratching her chin and ears.” – Shannon

“Here are my family’s pets! Our cat is Kiri. She’s declared herself in charge and loved claiming furniture and blankets as her own. Here she is on top of a big turtle pillow I crocheted for my sister. Our dog is Sugar. She’s an older, very sweet goldendoodle. She’s tall and slightly clumsy. Here, she tried to get off of the chair when we told her to and got stuck.” – Maggie

“This my dog Hope.  She is a rescue dog that we think is part lab, possibly greyhound, and likely part deer as well although my husband calls her a Bitta (bit of this a bit of that). She is a huge bed stealer, loves people, kids and other dogs (mostly).  She has high energy and has been known to leap counters in a single bound to steal food.  Her favorite thing to do besides eat, sleep, and bark at delivery people is to run like a maniac in circles and chew on sticks.” – Kim

“Our family dog is a Labradoodle named Hei Hei (after the chicken in Disney’s Moana). We’ve learned that Hei Hei means “disturbance”, which fits his personality well. He is absolutely my wife and kid’s dog and really doesn’t want to have anything to do with me unless he needs to go outside in the middle of the night or I am cooking bacon. He likes to lay with my wife and kids and watch TV. He is a bed hog and loves getting fed under the table by my youngest son.” – Nick

“Milo (the cat) is a Hurricane Katrina rescue. Carmel (the ferret) was adopted several years ago from the APA. Both of my pets very much enjoy sleeping like their human. Ferrets can sleep up to 18 hours a day.  Carmel is very active when awake moving through tunnels and playing in her ball pit. Her favorite part of the day is meal time with her ferretvite topper. Milo is a bit more aloof, but will cuddle on occasion when his fancy strikes. He forever will follow you into the kitchen in hopes of getting a treat and mostly watches the world from one of many windows. He does get outside on occasion and has proven to be an excellent mouser.” – Courtney

“These are my friends Bastet and Baxter. Bastet (on the left) is named after the ancient Egyptian cat goddess. She believes she is the Queen of the Universe, and she would like to be the only cat in it. She is tolerating Baxter in this photo, but they are not friends—despite Baxter’s best efforts. Baxter would like his servant (me) to be home all the time. He does not like FaceTime. He loathes laptops.” – Laurel

 “This is my dad’s dog, Pepper, but our nickname for her is Puppy. She’s so used to being called Puppy that she doesn’t always respond to Pepper. She’s a teacup Yorkie who’s about 15 years old now, still has bursts of energy, and whines for food at the dinner table. She may seem sweet and innocent, but she has been known to escape the yard and go on treks through the neighborhood trying to hunt for rabbits. She becomes a cuddlebug when she gets anxious and loves taking naps with my dad.” – Mariah

Now that we showed our fuzzy friends, some of us have plants and a little droid that we consider pets as well!

“Cousin Itt was left in St. Louis by my daughter. She named him for his resemblance to Itt of the Addams Family. He is always perched in the dining room window patiently watching the driveway for her return.  I always have to rotate him because he leans in to catch glimpses of the neighborhood!” – Terri

“Even though I don’t have a pet in my own home, I do have a lot of plants to take care of. My favorite kinds of plants are aloe, most named after characters in The Iliad and The Odyssey, because I bought them during a class in college where we read those books. One of my oldest plants is a pothos named Hector (right) who’s six years old now and grows like crazy in my room (I don’t have the heart to trim him). I’m waiting for the day he will bust out of his pot and demand to be planted in a bigger one. I can’t separate my plants from each other by putting them in different rooms because they get fussy so they are all clumped like one big green family.” – Mariah

“I don’t have any pets or plants currently. One day I’ll get another cat but will wait for more space. This is my favorite astromech droid, Chopper. I love it but pretty sure it is indifferent towards me.” – Ryan

Mariah Pugliese is a Reference Librarian at the Kirkwood Public Library. When not at the library, she enjoys reading and writing sci-fi/fantasy and taking care of her 25+ houseplants who are all named after fictional characters in literature.