Teen Art Club: What to Read

Right as COVID was shutting down most activities, the Kirkwood Public Library launched our Teen Art Club in May and has been meeting monthly ever since. Each month, the teens gather on zoom to hang out, support one another, and practice their art skills with curated creativity prompts and technique challenges. Whether they are experienced artists or prefer just doodling for the fun of it, art club has something for everyone.

Sounds like something you would be interested in? No worries. Just sign up for the next meeting and join in! If you want to experience some of the fun we have had so far, here is a list of the prompts/challenges we have given out at past meetings plus a booklist of titles to check out if you want to practice your skills more!

  • Draw a picture of yourself emphasizing one trait you want others to know about you.
  • Draw a natural disaster using ONLY your non-dominant hand
  • Draw what you had for lunch today using only basic geometric shapes
  • A Three-Part Owl Prompt (First draw an owl with your eyes closed; Second draw an owl (from a picture on the internet) without looking at your hand or picking up your pencil; Third, taking inspiration from your first two owl drawings, draw an owl again (this time you can look).
  • Warm up your drawing session with a few gesture drawings. Find a random image (action/movement ones work best) and draw it in 10 seconds. Go back later and touch up on the gesture drawing taking note of what you were able to capture in a short time about its shape or feeling.
  • Draw a squiggle on your page. Look at it. Now turn it into something else.
  • Draw one object that represents something you have read, watched, or done lately.
  • Find an image of an animal/person. Draw it in YOUR style. (You can then later go back and try to draw it in another style…like a manga character as a renaissance painting.) 
  • Create a list of three adjectives to describe a person. Now, draw ONLY a pair of eyes and try to instill those traits into your drawing of them. 
  • Only using shading…create an image….no lines allowed!!!

Best of Luck! Keep Calm and Keep Drawing!

Shanon Barton works in Youth Services at the Kirkwood Public Library. She started volunteering for KPL when she was in 7th grade and loves that she gets to work there as her “real adult job.” When not hanging out in the stacks at work, she can be found at home watching Netflix, eating pizza rolls, and planning themed events with friends. If you catch her with her nose in a book, it will most likely be a YA historical fiction novel with some sprinkling of supernatural or magical elements.