With the current pandemic still ongoing, it’s hard to think of ways to give back to our communities and volunteer. Being involved in our communities is important in times of crisis as we all need each other for support, and there are people who need our help more than ever. Because of this, KPL has compiled a list of St. Louis-based organizations you can get involved in safely.

United Way of Greater St. Louis has a great list of virtual volunteering that you can get involved in such as writing letters and cards to patients in hospice care or donating supplies for Covid-19. Check it out here. You can also explore volunteering specific to helping with the pandemic here like food drives and donating blood.

United Way is also an organization that helps mobilize donors and volunteers as well as other organizations and companies to provide and give back to the St. Louis community. They are accepting donations to help with the Covid-19 crisis to be used to help gather cleaning supplies, food items, prevent homelessness by assisting in mortgage payments and rent, and provide counseling. Find out information to donate here.

St. Louis Community Foundation is asking for donations to provide short-term relief to owners of independent shops and contractors who are struggling due to the pandemic. For more information and to donate to the Gateway Resilience Fund, click here.

St. Louis Foodbank is accepting volunteers to help with restocking food items, loading and unloading food items, cleaning, etc. The max capacity for volunteers is twenty people who are working at a safe distance apart and wearing protective gear. Read more information here. If you are not comfortable volunteering in person, there are still ways to participate remotely. You can host a virtual food drive or bring food items to the facility. Find out more information for food drop-off times and preferred food items by calling (314)-292-6262.

Youth in Need is an organization of the Greater St. Louis region for children, teens, and families that are in crisis They provide services such as emergency shelter, counseling, and foster care. They are in need of donations that can be done virtually by having a purchase shipped directly to them. You can fulfill a Covid-19 “Wish List” item for Youth in Need found here. For more information, read their Contact Page.

Mission: St. Louis provides education, job searching resources, home repair, and community services to those in need. Mission: St. Louis is currently looking for information about job opportunities, mentoring services, cleaning and school supplies. They are also seeking donations for an emergency Covid-19 fund that will be used to assist Mission’s participants in purchasing food and paying rent. Read more about the ways you can help here.

Urban Harvest, a St. Louis urban farm that donates fresh food to communities in need, is accepting a small number of volunteers for socially distanced volunteering. They are implementing safety measures such as a max capacity of ten people, ensuring social distancing, mandating masks, cleaning tools, and handwashing stations. To apply for volunteering, click here. For more information about volunteering and safety, you can call at (314)-810-6770.

Volunteering and donating strengthens our communities and helps us all endure hard times because we know that we can rely on and are here for one another.

Mariah Pugliese is a Reference Librarian at the Kirkwood Public Library. When not at the library, she enjoys reading and writing sci-fi/fantasy and taking care of her 25+ houseplants who are all named after fictional characters in literature.