With COVID-19 still ongoing, it is hard to imagine how to celebrate Halloween this year. Halloween is a holiday of eating a concerning amount of sugar and scheduling a dentist appointment afterwards, but it is also a holiday of getting together with family and friends, having a Monster Mash party, and handing out candy and listening to corny jokes. A lot of people are struggling feeling excited for the holidays and believe that Halloween is canceled this year. Luckily, KPL has compiled a list of things you can do to celebrate safely and still enjoy the spooky festiveness.

Decorate your home

A more simple way to feel the Halloween spirit is to decorate the inside of your home. Put up some orange and purple string lights, get some pumpkins, cut out bats and spiders from black construction paper, and fill a bowl with candy for your kitchen table. Check out CreativeBug for tutorials for all kinds of crafts including Halloween decor and DIYs! All you need is your library card number to sign in.

Scary Movie Marathon

A great way to get ready for Halloween is planning a scary movie marathon with lots of popcorn and candy. Check out these recommended horror movies by film aficionado and librarian Nic Champion here.

Local & Library Halloween Events

Participate in local events that are happening in your area. KPL is having virtual adult and youth events for the fall and Halloween seasons!

Adult events: Virtual Concert: Old Tunes from a Young Country, Evening with Poe, and KPL’s podcast is planning spooktacular content for October! Jigisha chats with Enrica Jang of the Poe House & Museum about the life of Edgar Allan Poe and the Poe International Festival. They also speak with bestselling author Wendy Walker about her latest thriller Don’t Look For Me and much more! Listen to here.

Teen: KPL Short Story Book Club: His Hideous Heart and Teen Virtual Halloween Party

Youth: DIY Halloween Craft and Trick or Treat Surprise Bags

Zoom Halloween Party

Get dressed up for a virtual Halloween party with friends and family. Prep some good food and drinks, play the “Monster Mash” on repeat, watch scary movies together, read each other’s fortunes, or have a costume competition and vote for who’s the best dressed! Just because it’s virtual doesn’t mean it can’t be fun.

“Boo” Your Neighbors

A surefire way of a good holiday is spreading the festivities to others in the ways that we can this year. Create a “Boo” Bag with Halloween treats and knickknacks and leave it at the doors of your friends, family, and neighbors.

With the stress of the pandemic, it’s hard to feel optimistic for the holidays and how to celebrate them. In difficult times, it is important to focus on what we can do to celebrate with one another and not focus too much on what we can’t do. That’s not to say you can’t feel bummed about what’s being missed out on but there still are some things to be excited about. In a wonderful tweet by Penny Snark, the Halloween spirit is truly in our hearts. Happy Halloween!

Mariah Pugliese is a Reference Librarian at the Kirkwood Public Library. When not at the library, she enjoys reading and writing sci-fi/fantasy and taking care of her 25+ houseplants who are all named after fictional characters in literature.