Teen Screen-Free Subscription Box: “Dragon’s Hoard” (Fantasy)

With Spring Break just right around the corner, we wanted to set up our teens with the fantasy box of their dreams that were filled with activities that would make even Smaug jealous. With science experiments, practical items of elegance, and a bit of magic, there was something for everyone with these activities–many of which can be recreated with items in your own home or for little cost. 

March’s Box Included:

  • Booklist of Fantasy teen reads
  • Make Your Own Alum Crystal Instructions and Supplies
  • Make Your Own Dragon Thumbtack Egg with Instructions and Supplies
  • Make Your Own Wax Seal Ring with Instructions and Supplies
  • How to Age Paper Using Tea Instructions
  • Goodies such as squishy dragons, fantasy tattoos, a dragon pendant necklace, dragon coloring pages, and a black lace mask (to go with our Murder Mystery Party theme this month)
  • A postcard with a personal message from a librarian
  • (optional) Hand-picked library book that matches the box’s theme chosen especially for them!

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Shanon Barton works in Youth Services at the Kirkwood Public Library. She started volunteering for KPL when she was in 7th grade and loves that she gets to work there as her “real adult job.” When not hanging out in the stacks at work, she can be found at home watching Netflix, eating pizza rolls, and planning themed events with friends. If you catch her with her nose in a book, it will most likely be a YA historical fiction novel with some sprinkling of supernatural or magical elements.