In honor of Women’s History Month I would like to shout out some strong women leads in Adult Graphic Novels. These graphic novels range from science fiction and fantasy to memoirs and biographies. Here are some examples of media from these genres that Kirkwood Public Library and the MLC has to offer! 


Image of the cover of brazen women who rocked the world


Brazen : Rebel Ladies Who Rocked the World

This graphic novel highlights a plethora of inspiring women who shook the world throughout history. From Mae Jemison to Josephine Baker you will be equally educated and entertained.  


Bitch Planet. Triple feature, Book one.

Bitch Planet is set in a dystopian future where non compliant women get sent to an off-world planet. This book is such a wild ride and is filled to the brim with strong women.



Written by Brian K. Vaugh and Illustrated by Fiona Staples

Space. Check. Love. Check. Strong Women. Check. This space opera follows two aliens who desperately want to be in love despite the fact that their races hate each other. Think Romeo and Juilet but without the dying at the end. This ragtag group will keep you coming back for more!


Monstress. Volume one, Awakening

Written by Marjorie Lue and Illustrated by Sana Takeda

In a steampunk and art deco style, this graphic novel follows Maika Halfwolf, a teenager  dealing with trauma from war in a world of magic, hardship, and inequity. While searching for her past she must deal with the monster within. Monstress is unlike anything I have ever read. It’s got a mixture of science fiction and fantasy and the art is so carefully crafted. 



Octavia E. Butler’s Parable of the Sower: a graphic novel adaptation

Adapted by Damien Duffy and John Jennings

Adapted from the beloved classic, Parable of the Sower follows Lauren, who, after an incident that shakes her foundations, becomes a traveler through dystopian lands. Through her experiences she comes up with a potential way to save all of humanity.


Fun Home: A Family Tragicomic.

Written and Illustrated By  Alison Bechdel

This memoir tackles Alison Bechdel’s past with her father over the course of her life. This book deals with themes of death, family, and self exploration.  If you enjoy this then check out The Essential Dykes to Watch Out For also by Alison Bechdel. This collection of comics follows a group of bisexual and lesbian women throughout their lives tackling politics, love, and everything else in between. 


Paper Girls. Vol. 1 

Written by Brian K. Vaugh and Illustrated by Cliff Chiang

Paper Girls takes place on Halloween in 1988 when four 12 year old girls’ lives are changed forever. Fans of 80s movies and the hit show Stranger Things will enjoy this action packed Graphic Novel. 


Kimiko Does Cancer: a graphic memoir

Written by Kimiko Tobimatsu and Illustrated by Keet Genzia

Kimiko Does Cancer explores what cancer is like from the eyes of a young queer mixed race woman named Kimiko. This book offers a different perspective of cancer that I had not seen in the media before.  

Thanks for stopping by! Did you find anything new? If you have any other related media that you would like to shout out or something that you enjoyed please feel free to leave a comment!

Alex G. Williford is a Reference Librarian at Kirkwood Public Library. They enjoy reading graphic novels, playing video games, and watching cult classic movies. Some of their favorite creators are Toni Morrison, Octavia E. Butler, N.K. Jeminsin, and Naoki Urasawa.