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We are a public library full of voracious readers. Library staff use this blog to chronicle those items we have read, watched or listened to.

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  • KPL Podcast August 2020 Week 1 with Special Guest Laurell K. Hamilton
    Welcome to the paranormal romance themed episode of the KPL Podcast! This week we are joined by national bestselling and local author Laurell K. Hamilton, we will be discussing the newest title in the Anita Blake: Vampire Hunter series, Sucker Punch! Jigisha and Ryan will also recommend some of their favorite supernatural romance titles and […]
  • KPL Podcast July 2020 Week 5 Special Guest Fiona Davis and Cindy Dudenhoffer
    Welcome back. It's the library episode, Ryan and Jigisha interview MLA president Cindy Dudenhoffer. She discusses the importance of libraries in our communities and how libraries are adaptable and evolve to continue to provide access to resources.  For the virtual conference visit www.molib.org  Next we interview bestselling author Fiona Davis about her new book, The […]
  • KPL Podcast July 2020 Week 4 with Special Guest Clint McElroy
    It's time for another exciting adventure of the KPL Podcast. This week we speak with author and podcaster Clint McElroy of the Adventure Zone. We discuss his most recent title Adventure Zone Vol 3: Petals to the Metal. Jigisha and Ryan also provide fantasy themed recommendations, upcoming program information, and much more. Even everyone's favorite […]