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Here at Kirkwood Public Library we never stop innovating. We give our community access to the leading edge of trends and technology, and we are constantly evolving to meet the changing needs of our community. We contribute to the library world and are a recognized leader among community libraries.

We value learning, and we inspire our patrons to be lifelong learners. On this Technology Blog, we post about the innovations in technology we are pursuing at the Library. We blog on topics of interest to our users and will use our experiences to assist our readers with important technology, both important and necessary.

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Hoopla to the Rescue!

Last week, I attended a conference about technology. And as with most conferences, a hotel stay was in order as it was not hosted locally. Now I enjoy a good conference, all the networking and learning about new things is quite fun (not to mention the delicious...

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3D Printed Houses?!?

3D printed HOUSES?!? Yep, that was my reaction too when I first read about them. Before that, I had heard of 3D printed chess pieces, Pokemon buttons, Daleks, etc., as well as 3D printed knees and elbows, but not entire houses. Until week before last when a friend...

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Apple TV

The Apple TV is a device, in the form of a small box, that you connect to your TV. Through this device you can use Netflix, Hulu, and many other video-watching platforms, as well as projecting anything from your iPhone screen onto the TV screen. In order for an Apple...

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So What Is Conductive Paint?

What is conductive paint, you ask? It is a paint that can conduct a low-level electrical current once it is painted onto a surface and dries. There are different conductive paints and inks that can be bought in jars and pens from various vendors on the internet, or...

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Journey to the Center of a 3D Printer

As many library goers know, we have offered 3D printing services for about 10 months. During this time we have had dozens of prints and have spent a lot of time experimenting with using a 3D printer. Therefore it is no surprise that our 3D printer has seen a lot of...

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Fallout Fun

Having a 3D printer your your offices has it's advantages. First and foremost, it allows one to attempt some pretty impressive projects. Print submissions have been a little light lately, so I have spent the last several weeks working on something fun. In November of...

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So you may be wondering what all the hoopla is about Hoopla (yep, I went there). Hoopla is the new e-content streaming service available through Kirkwood Public Library using your library card. What makes it different from our other digital services? Well, as well as...

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eReader or Tablet?

Tablets and eReaders...what's the difference? Which one should I buy? How similar are they? These are questions the Technology department at KPL gets asked frequently. There is no real clear answer, because we all have different needs and expectations when it comes to...

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