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Community Resources

Explore the Community Resources guide, created in 2017 with the intent to:

  1. Make resources accessible to patrons
  2. Destigmatize seeking resources
  3. Empower staff to assist patrons

This is by no means an all-inclusive guide. The resources may evolve and grow over time. If you have a recommendation of a resource to include, please let Reference staff know. Agencies are listed by category, alphabetically. Just Ask! Reference librarians are available to assist patrons with all kinds of research needs and interests. We are happy to assist you by providing information about agencies and helplines. We can direct you to library materials that address topics found in this guide. If you need assistance, please just ask!

What are the tags?

Tags are used in an effort to make finding the right resource as efficient as possible. Please note that the majority of resources could refer someone to different resources. The Gender Inclusive tag is used to highlight organizations that have specified they work with people of all gender identities. This is especially worth paying attention to on DV/IPV resources. People of all genders can experience domestic or sexual violence. However, some services are still geared to serve only cisgender women. Some organizations will shelter cisgender men and boys, transgender women and men, and nonbinary individuals. Some will not. Please refer to the Gender Inclusive Tag in these cases.

Color-coded tags include: Crisis Line, Crisis Intervention/Safety Planning, Food Pantry, Financial Assistance, Gender Inclusive, Language Services, Legal Advocacy, Mental Health Services, Shelter, Veterans, and Youth Resource

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