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Meeting Room

The Kirkwood Public Library has one (1) meeting room space available for use by local organizations.

Please review the information on this page about eligibility and the terms of use prior to booking a meeting.

Reservations for meeting room use are accepted through the Library’s online booking system below. Please note, that the person completing this form should be an authorized member of the organization. As such, that individual will be the point person for the meeting and will be responsible for attending the meeting. All persons requesting use of a meeting room must agree to the Library’s meeting room Terms of Use and agree that they, as authorized members of their organization, are responsible for ensuring all persons in attendance abide by said terms.

Begin by reviewing the Terms of Use below. You may then click the “Reserve the Meeting Room” button and choose how long you would like to meet. Then select your time and date, and complete the questionnaire prior to submitting. You will receive an email notification. If there are any follow up questions, a staff member will contact you.

You may reserve one (1) meeting room per calendar month.

Refer to the FAQ at the bottom of the page for common questions.

Article III: Service Policies, Section 9: Meeting Room Policy

The Kirkwood Public Library (Library) meeting room is available for use by adult groups and adult-sponsored youth organizations when not in use for library events.  The room is not available for private functions, including but not limited to parties, family reunions, weddings, or receptions.  All meetings must be free and open to the public. . Anyone using the Library’s meeting rooms must abide by the terms of this policy and the Library’s Behavior and Conduct policy.

Terms of Use

  1. No announcements, press releases, flyers or other promotional materials may state or imply sponsorship by Kirkwood Public Library without the library’s permission.
  2. Groups must assign an age recommendation for any event held in the library, which must be included on any promotional materials relating to the event.  Failure to advertise the age recommendation as required by 15 CSR 30-200.015 could result in a group being prohibited from using library space in the future.
  3. Reservations are made on a first-come-first-serve basis
  4. Meeting rooms cannot be sued to sell or advertise products or services.
  5. The set-up and take-down of tables and chairs are the responsibility of the Organization. At the end of a reservation, the room must be left in the same condition as it was found.
  6. Use of meeting room spaces must not disrupt the orderly conduct of the Library, its programs or activities.
  7. The Organization’s personnel, equipment, and attendees may not be in the room outside of their reserved time slot, setup, or take down period. The Organization must vacate the building at the Library’s closure. The library is not responsible for anything left in the room.
  8. The Organization must request the use of Library meeting room A/V equipment at the time a reservation is filed. Requested services after filing are not guaranteed.
  9. The Organization may not place or store anything in the hallways outside of the meeting room. No signs, displays, decorations or exhibits may be attached to the doors, walls, or windows of the room.
  10. The Organization may not serve food or drink of any kind.
  11. The Organization is responsible for the condition of Library property and injury to its personnel or representatives. See Disclaimers for details.
  12. Meeting room entry doors must remain open at all times, except when a public governmental body is holding a closed session. Doorways must be left accessible.
  13. The Library reserves the right to reclaim time slots for its own purposes or cancel reservations due to emergency closures.
  14. The Library cannot accommodate requests to alter the room’s temperature or police environmental noise.

Payment Collection, Refunds, and Cancellation

Full payment is collected by Library staff on the day of the reservation. Reservation payments are non-refundable. Organizations are asked to provide notice of cancellation 24 hours in advance of scheduled reservations. Failure to provide notice of cancellation before this deadline may result in denial of future Organization reservations.

Room Information

The room is approximately 19’ x 4’ with a maximum capacity of 105 people.


  • Use of the Library’s meeting room space does not constitute a lease, nor does it imply that the Library endorses the aims, policies, views or activities of the group, organization or business using the room.
  • Organizations agree to indemnify and hold harmless the Library, its Board of Trustees, staff and agents, from and against any and all liabilities, losses, damages, costs, and expenses of any kind suffered by, incurred by, or threatened against the Library, the Board of Trustees, or any of its staff or other agents on account of or resulting from injury, or claim of injury, to person or property arising out of the organization’s use of the Library.
  • The Organization and the person designated on the application agree to accept responsibility and liability for any and all damages or injuries which may arise out of the Organization’s use of the Library, including but not limited to damaged or missing equipment and fixtures, any and all structural, interior, or exterior damage to the Library, and harm suffered to its personnel or its representatives.

Revised by the Board of Trustees on October 18, 2023

Reserve the Meeting Room

Use the button below to reserve use of the Meeting Room for one (1) to three (3) hours. The room can accommodate 105 persons (see FAQ for information about fire code) and is equipped with a projector, microphone and laptop (available upon request). Click the button, select the desired meeting length, then complete the form. You will receive an email confirmation upon booking. If applicable, a staff member will contact you.

Meeting Room FAQ

The Library’s meeting room is primarily designated for Library programs and events. When not in use by the Library, the meeting room is available for booking by patron groups. The meeting room space may be reserved by local organizations which do not seek profit or by local businesses for the purposes of community interest (not for product sales purposes).

Non-profit organizations may reserve the meeting room for $10.

Local businesses may reserve the meeting room for $110.

The meeting room is available to book in 4-month increments to best accommodate the Library’s program planning seasons. The booking seasons are as follows:

  • January through April may be booked in December
  • May through August may be booked in April
  • September through December may be booked in August

The meeting room may be booked no sooner than one (1) week in advance. An organization may book one (1) meeting room per calendar month.

Those eligible to reserve a meeting room may do so 1 (one) time per calendar month.

The Meeting Room has tables, chairs, and a podium.

Extra tables and chairs can be provided if requested, but are not guaranteed.

If an organization alters the room’s configuration, they must restore the room to the configuration they found it at the start of their reservation.

The Meeting Room can hold up to 105 persons as per the designated fire code with chairs for seating. That number is reduced to 60 persons if tables and chairs are to be used.

Meeting must be available to any member of the public who wishes to attend, even those not part of your organization. Meeting room doors must remain open for the duration of your meeting, its setup and tear down time included.

Any form of monetary exchange is not permitted in the Library’s meeting room or on Library property. This applies to all persons present at any publicly held meeting at the library.

Organizations requesting use of one of the Library’s meeting rooms may not serve food and drink.

The meeting room may be accessed 30 minutes prior to the beginning of your meeting. When you arrive, please visit the Customer Service Desk on the main floor of the Library. A staff members will collect your payment and unlock the doors for you.

If you requested help with setting up technology for your meeting in advance, a staff member will stop by during the initial 30 minute setup time to assist.

At the conclusion of your meeting, you will have 30 minutes to break down your meeting. The meeting room furniture must be restored to its default setup configuration prior to exiting the room.

Payments for meeting room use may be made when you arrive for your meeting. Payments may be made in the form of cash (exact change is preferred) or by check. Advance payments are no longer accepted. Because payments are not due until you arrive for your meeting, refunds are not available.

Library staff can be available to assist in the initial setup of meeting room technology. In order to guarantee the availability of staff, tech help must be requested in advance on your meeting room booking form. Requests must be made at least 7 days in advance.

Library staff are not available to sit in on meetings and may not be available to assist mid-meeting. Library staff are not available to assist with meeting break down.

If you request technology help at the time of your booking, the Library will make every effort to assist.

Upon completing your booking request, you will receive an email confirmation with the details about your meeting.

You will receive an email reminder 7 days prior to your meeting. You will receive a final reminder email and text (if you opt in for text messages) 24 hours prior to your meeting.

When you receive your confirmation email after booking your meeting, it will include links to reschedule or cancel your meeting. Merely follow those links to cancel or reschedule your meeting.

if you need to cancel your meeting, we ask that you do so within 24 hours of your meeting time.

Study groups are not eligible to book the meeting room. However, there are times when the room is not in use by either the library or outside organizations.

If the room is available, other library patrons may request use of the meeting room at the Customer Service Desk and a staff member will unlock the door. During use, meeting room users are expected to abide by the Terms of Use as outlined above.

If the Library closes for any reason, you will be notified and we will work with you to reschedule your meeting.

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