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The Library’s highest priority is to inspire a lifelong commitment to learning and creativity which we believe leads to a more prosperous and connected community.   While tax dollars provide us with a strong financial base, your generous donations are used solely for Library innovations and services that are beyond the daily operating budget such as an expanded Homebound Program, additional Hot Reads and Hot DVDs, as well as support for our 1,000 Books Before Kindergarten Program and Summer Reading for all ages. Thank you for your support!

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Books & Beyond Shop

Books & Beyond is a Gift Shop managed and staffed entirely by volunteers. The shop is located on the main level, right inside the entrance, across from the Customer Service Desk. All proceeds from the shop benefit the Kirkwood Public Library. Call (314) 821 5770, option 8 for more information.

Books & Beyond

Hours of Operation

2:00 - 4:00 PM

Monday - Thursday:
10:00 AM - 8:00 PM

Friday - Saturday:
10:00 AM - 4:00 PM


We carry a wide variety of previously-read, gift-quality books. You'll find fiction, non-fiction, biography, children's, middle readers, history, literature, cook books, home and garden, crafts, religion, self-help, business, travel, science, and Missouri/St. Louis, among others.  For Books & Beyond, we strive to choose books of current interest in all categories. All books are bargain priced at 50 to 70% less then retail.


A wide variety of gift items are available for readers and people who love books and words. You'll find everything from tools that are helpful while studying or doing research, to game books that will help keep your mind sharp, to themed journals. Special items are available for youngsters that help promote reading and literacy.  Many items in our gift selection are unavailable anywhere else in the metropolitan area.


Unique hand-crafted items range from stunning pieces of jewelry to functional pieces that help keep your purse organized to lovely scarves that accent a special outfit or make an everyday outfit special. A talented group of Friends members provides our craft items with new offerings on a regular basis.

Greeting Cards

Many of our customers tell us they don't buy their greeting cards anywhere other than Books & Beyond. Our selection includes birthday, anniversary, sympathy, and just-for-fun cards. Stop by to learn why so many people buy their greeting cards only from us.

Book Sale & Donations

Book Donations


Book Donations *PLEASE READ BELOW*

Due to public health concerns, the Library is currently not accepting material donations. We will take donations after the safety of our volunteers can be assured. We thank you for your understanding and continued support.


Book Sales

Kirkwood Public Library Book Sales

The next Book Sale dates are to be determined.

Volunteer at the Library


Share your time and talents with patrons of all ages as you assist library staff with a variety of programs such as delivering materials to homebound residents, working in the Books & Beyond Shop, helping prepare for upcoming book sales, coaching patrons on technology issues, and helping with library events and special projects — just to name a few!


• Interest in library programs and library materials.

• Patience and good communication skills. Ability to work with diverse library users.

• Friendly, courteous and enthusiastic attitude.

• Reliability.

After completing a volunteer application, volunteers will interview with the Director of Operations and another staff member in the library. Selected volunteers will be background checked and trained prior to first shift. Training will include information on the library’s programs and program equipment, as well as answers to commonly asked questions. Staff will always be available for consultation. Ongoing updates and training provided as needed.

To get started, return a completed volunteer application and background check form (attached to the left) to the library to the attention of Lisa Henry or email Volunteers ages 12 - 18 should visit the teen volunteer page.


Thank You for Supporting Your Library!

Supporters July 2019 – June 2020

 Rachel Abbott
Abeles & Hoffman, P.C.
Lynn Allen
Terri Allen
Lorraine Alonso
Jim and Beth Alseth
Mary L. Althage
Michele Ambach
Scott Anderson
Laurie Astroth
Larry & Jackie Bailey
Michelle Bain
Suzanne Barnes
Richard & Barbara Barr
Angela Bay
Beth Beattie
Carolyn Becker
Mary-Kay Beck-French
Julie Behrens
Sarah Bender
Cindy Bennett
Mary Lou Bennett
Carter Bliss
Robert Bliss
Lois Bliss Revocable Trust
Carol Boeckmann
Fred Boenecker
Julie L.  Boogher
Becky Bopp
Gloria Bossman
John R. Bradbury
Susan Brogan
Dave Buck
Michael & Dr. Mary Burke
Scott & Bonnie Burner
Doug Butler
Rod Byers
Mark & Megan Campbell
Jack Cancila
Priscilla A. Carpenter
Michael Cerminaro
Phil  Chicoineau
Ben Clark
Amy  Clausing
Joan Clear
Stephen & Lorri Coates
Danna Cockriel
John Codd
Deborah Cortopassi
Sheran Cronin
Susan Crump
Tom & Merilee Curran
Kathy Kegin Currie
Mary Dale
Susan Dalpini
Glenn & Janice Davinia
Bonnie Davis
Sue Dellbringge
Marilyn Dell’Orco
Emma  DeLooze-Klein & Roger Klein
Donald C. Denham
Robert Dieckhaus
Jacquelyn & George Dowell
George H. Dowell
Sandi Drake
Richard  Drummond
Laura Eads
J.D. Ehrhardt
Ike & Leslie Eicher

Judy Eilken
Erin Eisenhard
William & Annette Ellis
James & Vicki Erwin
Abigail & Nicholas Filippello
Neil Finbloom
Sara & Robbie Fischer
Mary K. Flanagan
Joan M. Fletcher
Vicky Floor
Sue Freeman
Alice & Kirk Fritsch
Agnes L. Garino
The Edward Chase Garvey Memorial Foundation
Maxine & Frank Gilner
Glendale-Kirkwood Kiwanis
Eunice M. Glover
June Greer
John Griesedieck
Helen Grimm
Hervé & Lisa Guillemot
Bruce Hamper
Judith Hansen
Mary & Dave Hanson
Mr. & Mrs. Eric Hanson
Glenda  Hares
Carol Harris
Madelyn  Harris & Peter Wilson
Tracy E. Hart
Cindy Hatfield
Jim & Anene Hauschultz
Lowell & Susan Hayman
Julie & Steven Healey
Helen Hedderig
Linda Heinicke
Katie Helbig
Janis Henderson
Brian Henry
Lisa Henry
Margaret Herning
Sara Herrin
Anne Higgins
Jane Hill
Lindsey Hill
Lynn & Rick Hill
Mary Hill
Gary & June Hochberg
Lesley Hoffarth
Nancy Hooper
Jean C. Hussman
Robert Hutchison
Dixie Jacklitch
Patricia   Jones
Berkley Jones, Jr.
Teresa Jorgen
Maureen & Paul Joseph
Miriam E. Joseph
Dennis & Sally Kane
Joan P. Kane
Mike & Nancy Karpowicz
Ronald Kellogg
Ron & Peggy Key
Deanna Kiel
Nona G. King
Kirkwood Rotary Club
Sameer Kirtane
Vicki & Kevin Kitson
Pat Kleinknecht
Kim Klippel

Kara Kniska
Henry Knock
Richard A. Koch
Paul Koepke
Marjorie Jean Kohler
Sheldon Korklan
Celeste Kososki
Karen & Gary Kreie
Jay Kridel
Christopher Kurth
Margaret Lahrmann
Karen   Lane
Diana Lang
Andy & Karen Leonard
Brenda K. Leonard
Michael A. & Mary Lewis
Deborah & Dewey Long
Liz Lovett
Doug Luke
James Lyon
Virginia  MacDonald
Bruce Mackenzie
Timothy Mallett
Madt Mallinckrodt
Kathy & Lou Malnazzy
John & Judith Maret
Tiffany Martin
Aixa Martinez
Roy & Susan Maurer
Joan  May
Thomas & Marilyn McCarthy
Leslie McCormick
Fran & Don McDaniel
Nancy McKee
Laura & Kevin McLaughlin
Sue McLaughlin
Carol McSweeney
Heidi Meckes
Mike Melroy
Lynn & Steve Meyer
Terry Miller
Elizabeth Modray
Judith W. Moeller
Katie Molitor
Heather Morgan
Eugene & Cynthia Morganthaler
James Moroney
Fern R. Morrissey
Janet Mulroy
John & Mary Nerviani
June C. Nystrom
John & Donita Obermann
Edward & Colette O’Brien
Jim & Judy O’Donnell
Bill & Paula Olmstead
Darren Osburn
Chris & Gene Ostendorf
Mr. & Mrs. Paul Paese
Russell Patton
Mary Pautler
Zoe A. Perkins
Bonnie & Steve Petersen
Barbara Pierce
Bill & Jane Pohlman
Bill and Jane Pohlman
Lee Potts & Rebecca Wiederkehr
Ruth  Powell
Ruth M. Powell
Mr. & Mrs. Louis Prifti
Gale Rahmoeller

Mr. & Mrs. Elliot M. Raizman
Katie & Kevin Rapp
Florence Reaves & James Lyon
Jeanne Redington
Elizabeth Redmond
Jim & Linda Reed
June K. Reed
Carolyn Reich
Jamie Reyes-Jones
The Rheinnecker Family
Sandra Riggs
Jane & Bruce Robert
Andrew B. Robins
Dee Roever
Nancy Rogers
Polly & Charlie Ross
Gene & Cristina Rotter
Robert Rowlinson
Diane Ryberg
Meredith & Mike Santoni
Rosalie Saputo
Susan Scharnhorst
Mary Schmit
Joseph Schulte
Betty Jane Schultz
Eric & Christine Schwalb
William & Mary Schwarz
Lindsay Scott
Ben Seltzer
Barb Shadburne
Kristin N. Siebert
Carol Sipes
Martha Sivier
David & Susan Slavney
Ellen Smith
Scot L. Smith
Patricia & Joseph Soraghan
Bill & Carolyn Sorrell
Bill & Carolyn Sorrell
Nancy Spiegel
The Staples Family
Courtney Starks & Joe Jez
Dianne Stitz
Lee Streett
Linda Swaty & Bruce Roger
Bill & Georganne Syler
Katherine & Jim Temprano
Michael Thompson
Joan Tighe
Jane Tucker
Cary Tuckey
Margaret B. Van Asdel
Richard & June Vandegrift
Clyde & Beverly Vandivort
Jason Voegtli
Jim & Liz Walker
Wayne & Mary Walker
Phyllis Walsh
Joe & Kay Walsh
Mary & Rueben Walter
Kathlene R. Warner
Martha & Brad Wastler
Thomas Wayne
Jim & Carol Wellman
Edith Wenzel
Marcia Werremeyer
Carol A. Wiedl
James Wilucki
Joyce & Charlie Woodard