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The background of the image is a map with roads and lines coming every direction. And then a giant Route 66 sign. on top there is a red faded bubble with white letters that reads, "Route 66 Ride for Braille Literacy Pit Stop Party. Thursday August 31. 4PM - 6PM." There is a second red banner below it with white print that reads "for more information visit" Below that banner is a logo in the left-hand corner that is a multi colored star with National Federation of the Blind below it, and then "live the life you want" below it. In the bottom right hand corner is the Kirkwood Public Library logo with a red image of the library and in black print next to it "Kirkwood Public Library. Discover More."

Route 66 Ride for Braille Literacy Pit Stop Party

Dan O’Rourke has been an on-ice official for the National Hockey League (NHL) since 1999.  After growing up watching his blind father defeat all obstacles in his path, Dan wants to give back to the organization that further empowers blind people to live the lives they want.  In partnership with…

Kirkwood History Walks with Author Kathy Schrenk

This event has been CANCELED.

Shotbox at the Library

Bring a small family treasure into the library, along with your camera, and take high-quality photos of it for posterity.  Our Shotbox Light Studio will be set up all week for you to use, then you can put the Shotbox on hold, so you can check it out and take…

We Got the Power: Ending Relationship and Sexual Violence

Emily Stoinski will join us from the nonprofit Safe Connections to discuss ways the community can recognize and address relationship and sexual violence. The discussion with touch on recognizing the signs of relationship and sexual violence, resources for survivors, and meaningful intervention methods for loved ones of survivors. If you…

Author/Book Signing: Walking South City: A Journey Through Historic St. Louis Neighborhoods by Jim Merkel

Based on a series of walks the author did on a 45-mile-long zig-zag path through South St. Louis in 2021. It provides different insights into the history, people and quirks of South St. Louis. 

Author/Book Signing Jason Gray: Mound City Chronicle

Mound City Chronicle is more than a series of images of St. Louis. It is testament to a path made through the city at this moment; a path meant to investigate my place and my impact here, and the history of those things (like the Mississippi River, cultural forces claim,…

BJC Home Care Presents Lumina Life Review

Eileen Spinner, bereavement specialist and coordinator of the Lumina Life Review program will be here to discuss end of life review activities that can be done by seniors or family members of seniors making end of life arrangements. End of life reviews can be a meaningful and creative way to…

The Gateway Arch: An Illustrated Timeline with Author John C. Guenther

The Kirkwood Public Library and the Kirkwood Historical Society welcome author, architect, and historian John C. Guenther on October 5, 2023, to discuss his new book, The Gateway Arch: An Illustrated Timeline. The book takes a chronological look at the historical foundations of the Jefferson National Expansion Memorial, beginning in…

If These Walls Could Talk: Researching Your House’s History | Dennis Northcott, Associate Archivist- MO Historical Society

The Library & Research Center has a wealth of resources to help you learn about the history of your house and its former inhabitants. These resources include city directories, census records, neighborhood histories, photographs, and maps. See examples of them and learn how to begin using them to research the…

Understand Alzheimer’s and Dementia

Alzheimer’s disease is not a normal part of aging. Join us to learn about the impact of Alzheimer’s; the difference between Alzheimer’s and dementia; stages and risk factors; current research and treatments available for some symptoms; and Alzheimer’s Association resources.

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Summer Reading - May 18th through August 12th!


PARDON OUR DIRT : The front lawn of the library is under construction. At this time, access to the library is through the front ramp only.