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Support Your Library

The Library’s highest priority is to inspire a lifelong commitment to learning and creativity which we believe leads to a more prosperous and connected community.   

While tax dollars provide us with a strong financial base, your generous donations are used solely for Library innovations and services that are beyond the daily operating budget such as an expanded Home Borrowing Program, additional Hot Reads and Hot DVDs, as well as support for our 1,000 Books Before Kindergarten Program and Summer Reading for all ages. Thank you for your support!

What Kind of Donation Can I Make?

Buy a Shelf – Your donation of $100, gets your name on a plaque on one of the library’s many shelves. This make a great gift as well!

Endowment – The Endowment Fund is utilized by the board of trustees to award grants to employees for special projects or purchases that add to the Library’s mission and vision. Make a donation to the Library’s Endowment Fund, or consider leaving a donation to the fund in your will.

Grow Our Garden – The Library has been an iconic part of Kirkwood for the last century. In keeping with that legacy, the Library is embarking on a project to enhance our front yard into a usable space for all to enjoy.

Jill Raiser Memorial Fund – In honor of a beloved volunteer, donations help support children’s programming.

Memorial – Honor the name of a lost family member or friend by donating to the Library in their memory.

OverDrive Materials – The Library’s most heavily used collection are eBooks and Audiobooks through OverDrive (Libby).

Pet Memorial – Honor the memory of a special pet by donating to the Library. Your donation will purchase a book about animals in their memory.

Tribute – Make a donation to the Library in the name of someone. It also makes a wonderful gift!

Unrestricted Donation – Where our other donation initiatives support specific parts of the Library’s operations, this allows us to decide how to utilize the funds. Supported projects include as (but not limited to): technology, library materials and programs for adults and other building projects.

Sponsor a Paver on Library Lane

We stand at the cusp of an exciting new chapter in KPL’s history, as we plan for the vibrant garden space that will enrich our library community, collaboration, programming, and expand on sustainability efforts that will impact your family and future generations to come.

We’re reaching out to you, our cherished supporters, friends and advocates to join us in this project.

Click this button to learn more and to sponsor your paver today!

Books & Beyond is a Gift Shop managed and staffed entirely by volunteers.

The shop is located on the main level, right inside the entrance, across from the Customer Service Desk. All proceeds from the shop benefit the Kirkwood Public Library. Call (314) 821 5770, option 8 for more information.

More About Books & Beyond

Thank You for Supporting Your Library!

Supporters July 2023 – June 2024

Nancy Abts
Linda J. Adams
Robert and Susan Allen
Terri and William Allen
Elizabeth Alseth
Lauren Anderson
Mike Antoine
Thomas A. Anzalone
Elizabeth M. Ashmore
Laurie Astroth
Jill Barrett
Francis Baumli
Frederic and Elizabeth Beattie
Carolyn Becker
George Behrens and Judy Eilken
Carole Bernsen
Mary and Paul Bernsen
Scott and Jenny Blackmore
David and Martha Boes
Gary A. Bokermann Sr.
Jane Bond
Gloria Bossman
Peter Boxx
Michael Breault
Charles Bright
Susan Brogan
Carol Brown
Derek Brown
Carolyn Burke
John and Stephanie Burns
Polly Burtch
Barbara and Mike Bush
Rod Byers
Barbara and David Byrd
Hannah Campbell
Nancy and Craig Canatsey
Chelsea Castigilioni
Cynthia and Richard Castiglioni
Nick Chiapelas
Phil Chicoineau
Bob Chitwood
Ben and Becky Clark
Helen Betsey Comfort
Kara Compton
Concordia Book Club
Deborah Cortopassi
Preeti Dalawari and John Vandover
Angela Dalton
Glenn and Janice Davania
Kathleen Davis
Sue Dellbringge
Drew DeSousa
Gerald and Helena DeWulf
Barbara Dionne
Miranda Dix
Dathu Doan
Karen Dopher
Louise Dorner
Sandra Drake
Richard and Katherine Drummond
Laura and Brian Eads

Ellen Edman
Melissa and Terry Endres
Sarah and Bryan Erwin
Elizabeth Fallstrom
Neil Finbloom
Amy Fleming
Karen and Morris Fletcher
Tacy Flynn
Denise Friederich
Alice Fritsch
Nance Frost
Gordon Gale
Ginger Gamble
Jennifer Gandhi
Jinny and Jim Gender
Karen Gender
Liz and Mike Gibbons
Glendale-Kirkwood Kiwanis Chapter
Donald Goeller
Lauren Gramlich
Patricia and Gary Gray
Gretchen Grote
Charles J. Guenther
Angela Haakenson
Mary Hahn
Ginger Hanley
Ellen and Joe Harms
Tracy Hart
David Hartung
Mike Hatke
James Hauschultz and Anene Tressler-Hauschultz
Bonnie and James Hawk
Susan and Lowell Hayman
Julie and Steven Healey
Megan Hegger
Janis Henderson
Jason and Christie Henry
Lisa and Don Henry
Deb Hill-Jablonski
June and Gary Hochberg
Lesley Hoffarth
Joan and Gary Hogbin
Julie Holley
Kathleen Hollowood
Catherine Luna Horneyer
Dixie Jacklitch
Jacqui and Gary Steinberg
Erwin Jacus
Sarah Pitt Kaplan
Julia Karll
Mike and Nancy Karpowicz
Ronald Kellogg
Megan Kelly
Shelley Kennon
Peggy J. Key
Ron and Peggy Key
Deanna Kiel
Helen and Loren Killebrew
Kirkwood Rotary Club
Sameer Kirtane

Paul Koepke and Elizabeth Neuner
Celeste Kososki
Laura Kowert
Constance and Larry Krapfl
Karen Kreie
Elysia Krieger
Kathleen Krueger
Don and Maria Kukla
Mel Lambert
Karen Lane
Katherine Lawrence
Donald C. Lewis
Flo Reaves and Jim Lyon
Kathleen and Dave Mackenzie
Laurence and Silvia Madeo
Jacqueline Major
Marilyn Marcus
Nicolas Marks
Geoffrey Martin
Aixa Martinez and Paul Robiolio
Meghan and Thor Mathison
Pam Mayberry
Marilyn and Thomas McCarthy
Rufus McKee
Laura and Kevin McLaughlin
Heidi and Kevin Meckes
Katie Metzinger
Sandra J. Meyer
Amy Michael and Allen Moentmann
Steven and Teri Miller
Randall Miltenberger
Katie Molitor
Heather Morgan
James Moroney
Fern R. Morrissey
Rachel Myers
Edward and Colette O’Brien
Donna O’Mara
Jill O’Sullivan
Paul and Pat Owoc
Joyce and Mike Patton
Carrie Pedersen
Zoe Perkins
Bonnie and Steve Petersen
Catherine Phillips
Guy and Kim Phillips
Ruth Powell
Anne Prebish
Nancy Price
David Purcell
Gale Rahmoeller
Barbara Rebstock
Jeanne Redington
Elizabeth Redmond
Linda and Jim Reed
Jamie Reyes-Jones
Chelsea Rice
Donald R. Richardson
Bill Riggs
Douglas Riggs
Jane and Bruce Robert
William and Nancy Rogers

Patricia Rohan
Don and Nancy Ross
Robert and Beverly Rowlinson
Sharon E. Ryan
Diane Ryberg
Vicki Savala
Anthony M Scarato
Stephen and Tamara Schenkenberg
Mary and Peter Schmit
Therese Schukar
Theresa Seger
Laurie Shea
James and Evie Shucart
Carol and Patrick Sipes
Anne Skelton
David and Susan Slavney
Ellen Smith
Janice Smith
Patti Smith
Leigh Sodac
Dan and Janet Sohn
Jacob Sonn
Kate Spencer
John and Virginia Spernoga
John Staples
Courtney Starks and Joseph Jez
Mary Steinau
Jacqui and Gary Steinberg
Lee Streett
Pat Sustendal
The Edward Chase Garvey Memorial Foundation
Barbara M Thomas
Meg Thomas
Zachary Toennies
Jamie and Brian Tremblay
Christa Van Herreweghe
Emily Vannoni
Scott Volding
Janice M. Volkenant
Edward and Rebecca Wagenaar
Mary and Wayne Walker
Joe and Kathleen Walsh
Rueben and Mary Walter
Marty and Brad Wastler
Thomas and Kate Wayne
Sylvia Weisheit
Timothy J. Wells
Marcia Werremeyer
Kathleen West
Carol A. Wiedl
Mary Beth Wilczak and Bruce Hamper
Belinda and James Wilucki
Matt Witte
Elaine Wolshock
Julie Woodruff
Chris and Cindy Wunderlich
Nancy A. Yaeger
Marianne Yoder
Karen Young
Ronni Zagora

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Summer Reading - May 18th through August 12th!


PARDON OUR DIRT : The front lawn of the library is under construction. At this time, access to the library is through the front ramp only.