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The Library’s highest priority is to inspire a lifelong commitment to learning and creativity which we believe leads to a more prosperous and connected community.   

While tax dollars provide us with a strong financial base, your generous donations are used solely for Library innovations and services that are beyond the daily operating budget such as an expanded Home Borrowing Program, additional Hot Reads and Hot DVDs, as well as support for our 1,000 Books Before Kindergarten Program and Summer Reading for all ages. Thank you for your support!

Books & Beyond is a Gift Shop managed and staffed entirely by volunteers.

The shop is located on the main level, right inside the entrance, across from the Customer Service Desk. All proceeds from the shop benefit the Kirkwood Public Library. Call (314) 821 5770, option 8 for more information.

More About Books & Beyond

Thank You for Supporting Your Library!

Supporters July 2022 – June 2023

Robert & Susan Allen
Lynn Allen
The Alseth Family
Michele Ambach
Robin Weinberg & Scott Anderson
Alice Younger & Helen Antoine
Laurie Astroth
Douglas W. Austin
Linda Austin
Wayne Baldwin
Nancy Barney
Jill Barrett
Francis Baumli
Bill and Angie Bay
Carolyn Becker
Nancy Belt
Mary C. Beranek
Scott & Jenny Blackmore
Taylor Blake
Fred Boeneker
David & Martha Boes
Jane Bond
Gloria Bossman
Mark and Meg Boyko
John R. Bradbury
Jill Bright
Susan Brogan
Michael Bromfman
Leah Bronstein
Derek Brown & Family
Carolyn Burke
Barbara & Mike Bush
Rod Byers
David & Barbara Byrd
Jack & Mary Jo Cancila
Priscilla A. Carpenter
Brenda Chatfield
Phil Chicoineau
Jeff Church
Ben Clark
Amy Clausing
Joan Clear
Colleen Cofer
Kevin & Cindy Cohan
Helen Comfort
Mary Jane & Karl Cook
James C. Cooper
Deborah Cortopassi
Jana Craig
Angela Dalton
Glenn & Janice Davania
Russell & Catherine Dawson
Sue Dellbringge
Nancy Desloge
Gerald & Helene DeWulf
Barbara Dionne
Cheryl Dittmer
Bill & Jane Doub
The Dougherty Family
Sara Drake
Richard Drummond
Nancy Dunn
Nancy A. Dunn

George Behrens and Judy Eilken
Terry Endres
Bryan Erwin
Abigail Filippello
Neil Finbloom
Roy and Joan Flesh
Karen Fletcher
Alice and Kirk Fritsch
Gordon Gale
Ricardo Garcia
David and Agnes Garino
The Edward Chase Garvey Memorial Foundation
Jinny Gender
The Glendale-Kirkwood Kiwanis Chapter
Eunice M. Glover
Fran Glucroft
Jennifer Greer
Mr. and Mrs. Eric A. Hanson
Glenda Hares
Susanne Haring
Cara Harjes
Ellen and Joe Harms
Carol Harris
Madelyn Harris
James Hawk
Susan and Lowell Hayman
Connie Heitz
Katie Helbig
Janis Henderson
Mary Beth Hennessy
Jason and Christie Henry
Lisa Henry
Sara Herrin
Margaret Hilleren
Jacqueline Hittner
Lesley Hoffarth
Joy Seltzer and Wayne Hoffman
Joan Hogbin
Catherine Horneyer
Athalia and Tom Howell
Beth Huck
Steve and Mary Anne Hughes
Stephen Hunsicker
Nancy Isringhaus
Dixie Jacklitch
DeAnn Jacobs
Erwin Jacus
Patricia Jones
Miriam Joseph
Ronald Kellogg
Nona King
Sameer Kirtane
Marcia Kistner
Kara Kniska
Henry Knock
Paul Koepke
Deborah L. Koewing
Celeste Kososki
The Kreie Family
Linda Kridel
Don and Maria Kukla
Karen Lane
Diana Lang

Kenneth Lannen
Katherine Lawrence
Daniel and Brenda Leonard
Donald C. Lewis
Claire and Dave Lillis
Vicki Little
Liz Lovett
Sara and Dave Loyet
Patty Lynch
Florence Reaves and James Lyons
Bruce MacKenzie
Casey and Dave Mackenzie
Laurence and Silvia Madeo
The Martinez, Robiolio Charitable Fund
Katherine A. Matthews
Pam Mayberry
Marilyn A. McCarthy
Joan McClaine
Leslie McCormick
Allen and Ana McCoy
Rufus McKee
Laura McLaughlin
Heidi Meckes
Marlowe J. Meyers
Kevin Miller
James Moroney
Joan Murphy
Mary Murphy-Overmann
Elizabeth Neuner
Kathy Noonan
Carol North
Edward and Colette O’Brien
Bill and Susie O’Grady
Luis Ortiz
Chris and Gene Ostendorf
Paul and Pat Owoc
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Paese
Adrienne Warren Patton
Gene Peimann
Zoe Perkins
Bonnie and Steve Petersen
Guy and Kim Phillips
Sarah Pitt Kaplan
Bill and Jane Pohlman
Diana Polacek
Anne Prebish
Nancy Price
Mr. and Mrs. Louis Prifti
Gale Rahmoeller
Barbara Rebstock
Jeanne Redington
Elizabeth Redmond
Linda Reed
Tim Reinwart
Jamie Reyes-Jones
Amy Riek
Douglas Riggs
Jane and Bruce Robert
Kelly Rockholm
Patricia Rohan
Mr. and Mrs. Don Ross
Robert and Beverly Rowlinson
Mike Sale
Vicki Savala

Gabriela and Russ Scalpone
Susan L. Scharnhorst
Barbara A. Schmeding
Mary Schmit
Chuck and Rebecca Schuder
Justin and Marcie Schuler
Marilyn Schulze
Sharon and Bob Sears
William Shadburne
Jane Sheahan
Laurie Sheahan
Carrie Shelby
James Shucart
Patrick Sipes
Anne Skelton
David and Susan Slavney
Joe Smith
Patti Smith
Dan and Janet Sohn
Pat Soraghan
Daniel and Mary Speciale
John and Virginia Spernoga
Courtney Starks
Lee Streett
Catherine C. Sullivan
Bill and Georganne Syler
Jana Tappmeyer
Susan A. Tarr
Melanie Tate
Daniel Terpstra
Rachael Theiss
Kim Thoma
Emily Thomas
Meg Thomas
Thomas and Catherine Tracy
The Tracy Family Foundation
Christa Van Herreweghe
Richard and June Vandegrift
Scott Volding
Kristen VonGruben
Edward T. and Rebecca L. Wagenaar
Richard Wagner
Wayne and Mary Walker
Rueben and Mary Walter
Dannelle Ward
Lois Washington
Brad and Marty Wastler
Thomas Wayne
Marcia Werremeyer
Lindsay Wessels
Lee Potts and Rebecca Wiederkehr
Carol Wiedl
Cheryl Wilcutt
Mary Beth Wilczak
Ann Wilkerson
Scott Williams
Belinda and James Wilucki
Elaine Wolshock
Eric Wood
Joyce and Charlie Woodard
Chris and Cindy Wunderlich
Nancy A. Yaeger
David Yeomans

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