This year, Winter Reading is all about Hygge, cozy times, and having fun inside.

Our theme is Cozy Covers, and Hygge the Hedgehog will join you on your adventures as you read and finish activities that will fill out a Bingo card!

Adult prizes may be picked up after January 15th.

Participate by downloading and printing a Bingo Card of your choice and crossing off the items you finish, or pickup a Bingo Card curbside!

Create a BINGO by getting 5 in a row across, down, or diagonally. Bring in the completed card for a finished prize! A Cozy Covers box filled with items to help you stay cozy this winter.

Adult prizes may be picked up after January 15th.

How to claim your prize:

  1. After January 15th, bring your card with a completed BINGO to the library.
  2. When you arrive, get in line for Curbside and give our Curbside Team a call.
  3. Show us the completed Bingo Card, and we’ll hand over your prize!

Complete squares to make a Bingo (vertical, horizontal, or diagonal) and return it when complete to receive a free book! You will be entered into a drawing for one of four $25 Amazon gift cards! Drawing will be held after February 18, 2021.

For an additional surprise, if you complete the whole board, you will be entered into the drawing for a Cozy Gift Basket!

We will have six Bingo sheets all for different age levels.  You can download and print one out through the website, or you can pick up a sheet through curbside.

Youth Prizes are available for pick-up during official curbside hours between
December 18-February 18, 2021.

Contact Youth Services staff at 314-821-5770 option 4.