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Food For Fines 2024

2023 Year in Review

A lot happens every year at the Kirkwood Public Library and 2023 was no exception! Check it out here.

Image is of an Aunt Flow Model E machine, dispensing both tampons and pads. One side is pads, the other is tampons. The text above the machine and products reads, "People Helping People. Period." And the text below the machine reads "We have partnered with Aunt Flow to provide free period products." The logo in the upper left hand corner is a red circle with hands in the center and text around the edges of the circle that reads, "You are always welcome here." And the Kirkwood Public Library logo is in the upper right hand corner that has a giant "95" over a white image of the library with "years" written under the library image. A red circle is in the bottom right hand corner and reads "aunt flow" for their logo. In the bottom left-hand corner is a red rectangle and in the center is the text "follow @auntflow."

Kirkwood Public Library Offers Free Aunt Flow Menstrual Products for Patrons

Kirkwood Public Library is excited to announce a new initiative that demonstrates its commitment to inclusivity and the well-being of its patrons. In a move to promote menstrual equity, the library is partnering with Aunt Flow, to make high quality, sustainable menstrual products available for free to library patrons.  Over…

What’s New in 2023 for Families Affected by Dementia

Dementia affects approximately 1 out of 9 individuals over 65 years old.  70% of these individuals live in homes and not in memory care or assisted living facilities.  Kirkwood Public Library strives to be a place where all are welcome and so we are continuing to find ways to provide…

15 CSR 30-200.015

The Missouri Secretary of State is proposing a new administrative rule that would restrict state funding to public libraries. Read the proposed rule here. The Kirkwood Public Library Board of Trustees passed the following resolution at the November 16th meeting urging the rejection of the rule. There is a 30-day…

Electronics Recycling at KPL 2022

Kirkwood Public Library Is working with PCs for People to offer FREE Electronics Recycling through January 31, 2023. Drop your old electronics in the big blue bin near the public copier.  Starting November 1st, Kirkwood Public Library will be working in conjunction with PCs for People to offer FREE Electronics…

Adding Services for Families Affected by Dementia and Alzheimer’s

The Kirkwood Public Library is expanding their services to individuals with Alzheimers, dementia and other cognitive disorders and their caregivers.  In the past year, we introduced Reading2Connect, a selection of books designed to cater to the reading needs of people who have difficulty reading traditional formatted material. Read more about…

Film Screening: Bulletproof

The documentary film series we’ve been running since early this year is coming to a close with Todd Chandler’s excellent and timely film, Bulletproof.  Each of the films in our series have employed methods not seen in traditional documentaries. We began with The Viewing Booth in March, a minimalist experiment…

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