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What’s New in 2023 for Families Affected by Dementia

By Lynne  |  KPL News

Dementia affects approximately 1 out of 9 individuals over 65 years old.  70% of these individuals live in homes and not in memory care or assisted living facilities.  Kirkwood Public Library strives to be a place where all are welcome and so we are continuing to find ways to provide resources for people experiencing cognitive disorders.  In 2021, we introduced Reading2Connect books which are specifically formatted to be readable for people with dementia. We also partnered with the Alzheimer’s Association to present “Understanding Alzheimer’s and Dementia” in September.

Here are some of our plans for 2023 to continue to expand our resources to be used at home and to provide programming at the library. 

  • On March 3, 2023 at 10:00 the Alzheimer’s Association will present 10 Warning Signs of Alzheimer.  
  • During the spring Discovery Kits will be available. These are bags which include adult coloring kits, St. Louis history, chair yoga, music and 8 other kits to create discovery and engagement. 
  • The library will also add Reminisce Kits. These are bags with simple objects to help recall memories and prompt conversation.  In each of these bags we will also have a list of ways to engage the kit, a book about tips for caregivers and a Reading2Connect book that is linked to the theme of the bag.
  • The library is searching for a facilitator for a Memory Cafe.  This short video explains how memory cafe’s reduce isolation by providing activities for participants and caregivers to do with others who are facing the same challenges. Some of the memory cafes might be: chair yoga, crafting, music, sing along, short story book clubs. 

I am excited about all the opportunities that we have.  I am also looking for some help.  If you would be willing to donate supplies for a Reminisce Kits (particularly vintage items) or if you or someone you know would be willing to facilitate a memory cafe.  I also welcome other ideas and suggestions that would be helpful for you or a family member.  Please contact Lynne at or 314-821-5770. Also let me know if you want to be on my email list to stay connected about all of our plans.

Lynne Haynes is the Coordinator of Home Borrowing and Outreach Services. She has been with the library since April, 2020. She enjoys playing board games, hiking and discovering beauty in people, places and things. Some of her favorite authors are Trenton Lee Stewart, Ruta Sepetys, Alexander McCall Smith and C.S. Lewis.
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