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Kirkwood Public Library Offers Free Aunt Flow Menstrual Products for Patrons

By Mel  |  KPL News
Image is of an Aunt Flow Model E machine, dispensing both tampons and pads. One side is pads, the other is tampons. The text above the machine and products reads, "People Helping People. Period." And the text below the machine reads "We have partnered with Aunt Flow to provide free period products." The logo in the upper left hand corner is a red circle with hands in the center and text around the edges of the circle that reads, "You are always welcome here." And the Kirkwood Public Library logo is in the upper right hand corner that has a giant "95" over a white image of the library with "years" written under the library image. A red circle is in the bottom right hand corner and reads "aunt flow" for their logo. In the bottom left-hand corner is a red rectangle and in the center is the text "follow @auntflow."

Kirkwood Public Library is excited to announce a new initiative that demonstrates its commitment to inclusivity and the well-being of its patrons. In a move to promote menstrual equity, the library is partnering with Aunt Flow, to make high quality, sustainable menstrual products available for free to library patrons.  Over the next five years funding for this project will be provided by the Kirkwood Public Library Board of Trustees through their Staff Endowment Grant Fund. This fund champions and empowers staff to dream up inventive and supplementary projects to enrich the library and community in new ways.

This initiative recognizes that access to menstrual products is not a luxury but a basic necessity that should be readily available to all.

Christa Van Herreweghe, Director of Kirkwood Public Library, expressed her enthusiasm for the initiative: “We are proud to partner with Aunt Flow to bring menstrual equity to our library patrons. The library already provides tissue, toilet paper, soap, and other items considered necessities for hygiene, this just ensures patrons can stay for programs, keep working at a computer, or use other library services without interruption by providing convenient access to period products. Our commitment to supporting the well-being of our community extends beyond books, and information.”

This partnership with Aunt Flow aligns with Kirkwood Public Library’s broader dedication to creating an inclusive space for all. By providing Aunt Flow’s high-quality and sustainable menstrual products, the library hopes to create an environment that challenges the stigma surrounding menstruation and ensures that everyone has access to the necessary resources to manage their periods with dignity, convenience, and comfort.

Mel Lambert is the Director of Adult Services at Kirkwood Public Library. She loves assisting small businesses, startups, and entrepreneurs with using FREE library resources to grow their businesses.
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